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recent purchase: cruzan light

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According to Esquire light rums are the hip drink of the rest-of-the-summer. Nothing like the clear Bacardi crap we got wasted on in college, these new light rums are like dark rums but smoother, more drinkable, yet still flavorful. So during my last liquor-restocking I picked up a bottle of Cruzan Light. I emptied a can of Diet Coke, a slight bit of lime juice, and a liberal pour of the Cruzan. A bit too liberal, for I then had to top it off with a bit of Classic Coke. It was worth it though, the rum is as advertised, tasty and not at all harsh. I'd like to buy some fresh limes and try a true daiquiri.
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On September 6th, 2005 05:18 am (UTC), hotcrab commented:
yeah, i picked up some of the cruzan dark for $8 a trader joe's. really a good well rum for a bargain price.
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